Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picky or Practical?

I'm not hard to please, not really. When going out to eat, whether at home or on vacation, I just have some basic expectations. Not a long list honestly.

First-I expect that I get what I pay for. If I order a chickens strips for the tyke, I would assume I would get chicken strips for the tyke. Trust me, I have seen a cheeseburger arrive on tyke's plate when she clearly said "chicken strips". When I questioned the owner (okay we're regulars there) he shrugged and said "looks like a cheeseburger to me too". Okay where's the chicken? He says "were out and she looked like she wanted a cheeseburger anyways". Then he walks away! This was the owner lol.

Second-Clean atmosphere, I don't to be seated at a dirty table or get silverware that has stuff caked on it. Enough said.

Third-Come back please! Yes, there have been times that the server deposited our food at our table and literally disappeared. What if we want refills or more napkins? If this happens, send your husband to hunt and retrieve the items. Men are natural born hunters and retrievers.

Fourth-Wilted lettuce. Can't stand it. Please don't put wilted lettuce on a persons salad. We will not eat it and then I fear it will be recycled and given to another unsuspecting customer who moves the tomato that was atop and sees-wilted lettuce. gross.

Finally, the bill. Dearest server; I'm glad you came back even if it wasn't to refill my glass but please don't drop the bill on the table and disappear once again. If this happens, prepare to wait for the server to return for your credit card exponentially.

As my husband,the tyke, and I prepare for our vacation to Kissimmee next weekend, visions of a joyous trip fills my heart and fears of poor service, rotten lettuce, and vanishing servers clutter my head.

I'm not very picky. Honestly, I can say that I have never returned food. Usually, I just never go back. This is practicality. If it was that bad the first time, can you really imagine it getting any better? I think not.

Bon Appetite Gentle Readers.

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